Thank you for your commitment to personal development and to the exploration of the inner workings of your mind. I am excited to have you join me in an inquiry about how you can be happier, more fulfilled, have richer, more rewarding relationships and enhance every single area of your life. Over the course of the last 21 years, I have devoted my life’s work to the quest of championing others to live their best lives.

In case study after case study with my clients, I have seen so many put behind the limiting thoughts and beliefs that kept them small, stuck, and suffering and in their place, substitute new ones that empower their lives and their relationships with all around them.I’ve noticed that all too often the vast majority of people move from a period early on in life where all seems right with the world to a progressively diminished capacity to experience their dream lives.

This transition from joy and hope to apathy, resignation, and despair is often a gradual one. It may start out with an assault to how they see themselves as progressively more unworthy, unlovable and incapable of accessing all the good things that life can hold for us. Decisions are made. Judgments and misinterpretations are formulated that don’t support happiness, relationships, and personal power or charisma. Each assault we experience to who we are as inherently magnificent, lovable, significant, capable, and competent individuals leaves an invisible but often indelible imprint on who we are at our core.

I call this our cellular memory. Cellular memory (as the name implies) is basically the memory that resides inside the cells within the body. That’s right; every single one of the cells in your body actually has a memory of its own. Each of the cells within the body actually stores reserves of information related to past experiences (both positive and negative) within their memory.

This truth applies to every aspect of your life in both the physical and metaphysical world; meaning it can affect your body directly in the form of sickness or disease as well as metaphysically through things you attract like relationships or wealth.Our energy shifts along with our thoughts about who we are, who others are in relation to us and even how we view the universe in general (as harsh, uncaring, scarce, unforgiving, etc.) Each experience clouds our self-belief and how we see others in regard to competing with us for all of our most important survival needs.We may consciously even forget the details of any one of the many upsets we experience on a daily basis, but our cells remember each and every traumatic occurrence. In fact, we retain them as energy that becomes part of who we are, shifting our brain chemistry, bodily health, the energy we emit to others, as well as who we are fundamentally at our core.

The primary factor that impacts this cellular memory when it comes to being able to direct our lives forward powerfully is self-esteem.My definition of self-esteem is quite different from the commonly held belief that equates high self-esteem with high ego. In fact, from my perspective, the two could not be more dissimilar. Those who focus excessively on their own needs at the expense of others and lack concern or an appreciation for what it’s like in the other person’s world do NOT possess high self-esteem. They possess high ego. This damages their personal effectiveness and diminishes their charisma.

So, the notion that by building self-esteem, we are building ego-maniacs could not be more false. Those possessing high self-esteem care about others. They see the world from a win-win perspective and live by the golden rule, doing to others as they would wish be done to them.High self-esteem individuals display personal power. They are able to influence others by who they are
and the energy they put forth into the world. Their aura exudes influence and charisma and this attractive energy is part of who they are at their core.

Their cells possess an authentic energetic memory that speaks to who they have become. Others want to be around this energy and listen, follow, and respect those who possess it. Those with great self-esteem feel significant, that is, they matter to themselves and others. They are readily accepted by others, looked up to by them, and have the attention and affection of other people. They love freely and are loved in return. This love exudes from their being and is an integral part of who they are at their core soul level.

Those possessing high self-esteem are also virtuous. They feel good about the person they are from a moral perspective and.this goodness is apparent to others.In contrast, those who lack sufficient self-esteem often are ashamed of the person they have become. They may feel sleazy, embarrassed that their true, flawed nature
will be discovered by others and so they put on an act or present a false facade that attempts to conceal who they believe they are at their core from those who may find them out.

This tendency to want to hide their inner flawed nature causes others to perceive them as inauthentic and it detracts from their charisma and personal power. Moreover, those possessing high self-esteem are confident in their approach to life and its challenges.They have faith in their ability to translate their ideas into tangible manifestations. They have the ability to envision a result and produce this intention with velocity. This allows them to go through life enjoying a high degree of personal power and the ability to control their destinies to a far greater extent than those lacking self-esteem. They possess the ability to see a bright future as inevitable and as a result they are able to generate the prerequisite self-motivation needed to overcome any obstacles and bring about their desired intentions.

Self-esteem influences our cellular memory in several significant ways. In fact, it empowers our being with positive hope and expectation in all areas of life accomplishment. These cellular memories transform us and how we experience life. They are at the source of our peace of mind and also can result in the negative emotionally reactive states that damage our relationships and kill our ability to communicate effectively. They drive us to see and experience the world in a way that is consistent with our prior (all too often distorted) perceptions. Before long, like air to the bird or water to the fish, we lose sight of who we are and what surrounds us and our life experience.

Our perceptions not only define us but guarantee that we will attract to us more experiences that are consistent with our expectations. We become our experiences and our cells transform chemically, energetically,and in alignment with these memories. We become resigned that “that’s just how I am” or “that’s just how other people are” or “that’s just the way the world is”…and we lose sight that we made it all up, created a self-fulfilling prophesy that becomes energetically who we have become and simultaneously forfeit our ability to manifest a more rewarding, more fulfilling outcome for ourselves and others.

We suffer as we want the things we don’t have and have those things we don’t want. We, in fact, forget that we created our own reality and still possess the ability to create a new, more rewarding one simply by living from a new and empowering declaration that accurately describes the person we have decided to be.The good news is that the transformation you seek to shifting who you are at your core cellular level can be as simple as following the exercises and principles I will share with you on this website. By taking responsibility for every aspect of our lives, by changing our thoughts and expectations, by suspending judgment and shifting our energy while losing our attachments to the ways we think things “should” be, we can shift our energy field, reformat our cellular memory and deliberately go about the process of elevating our self-esteem and manifesting a new and magnificent new reality for every area of our lives.

I invite you to trust that you have the ability to return yourself to your inherent magnificence. Give up your right to invalidate yourself and others. Live in love and positive expectation, champion the self-esteem of others (and watch your own grow as a result) and by all means, enjoy the process.

I’m so excited to present www.newselfgrowth.com website — I’m confident that it will double your self growth. It’s a little unconventional, but I know you’re always open-minded when it comes to self growth.